THEC Student Information System

Administration of the Student Information System is the responsibility of the Policy, Planning, and Research Division. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) developed a Student Information System (SIS) that is used to collect student data from the state’s public universities and colleges.

The SIS was developed in 2004, primarily to be used for the state’s HOPE lottery scholarship program’s reporting requirements. Section 49-4-903, Tennessee Code Annotated, requires THEC to maintain data on students who receive a lottery scholarship and track their academic progress with respect to scholarship retention rates.

THEC is responsible for maintaining and analyzing data in respect to lottery scholarships and reporting regularly to the legislature regarding this information. The state university systems, the Tennessee Board of Regents system (TBR) and the University of Tennessee system (UT), report information at the end of each academic term that includes data such as the number of enrolled students, the number of credit hours registered to each student, and other biographical information such as race and gender.

THECSIS is a website devoted to sharing information and visitor involvement. The site contains links to external higher education resources, relevant higher education links across Tennessee and the region, data driven reports, special assessment tools, recent reports repository, and collaboration tools.